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Don’t miss the opportunity
for a Villa of your own!
For the price of a 4-Bedrooms apartment in Modi’in
starting 2,750,000
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Here’s to your new life.
The houses are ready—you’re invited to move in!
Private detached houses on properties over 500 m2 with particularly luxurious specifications and the most advanced construction standards.
The Villa in Na’ale project invites you to realize your dream of a private house at the price of a 4-Bedrooms apartment in nearby Modi’in.
Immediate move-in in an excellent location.
Green spaces close to the center
Na’ale is the realization of the Israeli dream:
a luxurious secular town in Judea and Samaria with a spectacular view that overlooks the Mediterranean.
Shilat Junction 13 Km
Modi’in 13 Km
Modi’in train station 13 Km
Highway 6 36 Km
Jerusalem 45 Km
Tel Aviv 44 Km
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The Project
Houses for immediate occupancy | 13 km from Modi’in
Private, detached houses in 3 different sizes on properties over 500 m2 that have been exceptionally planned to make maximum and functional use of the living space for your family.
The houses are designed with luxurious specifications, from the large items to the smallest details.
A league of its own

Na’ale is in a league of its own, as it is the only town that offers private houses in the Modi’in area. Na’ale is the realization of the Israeli dream. The town is located on a hilltop, surrounded by a spectacular pastoral landscape that includes a view of the Mediterranean Sea.
The Architect

Erwin Wiesenthal is a graduate of Canada’s McGill University and has extensive experience in urban planning and architecture. He has extensive experience in various projects including residential units, hospitals, buildings constrained by historic preservation requirements, and commercial buildings. He has won numerous awards. The Canadian architect’s vision in designing this project was to make maximum use of the space to create a functional family living space that is planned to the last detail.
In Erwin’s view, a project’s success is the result of the “triangle team”: the client, the planning (the consultants), and the execution (the contractor). When the triangle team comprises excellent professionals that fully collaborate, such as in Na’ale, the project’s success is guaranteed.
Erwin is responsible for designing the private houses in Na’ale and the duplex project.
“A home is a collection of a family’s moments, thoughts, and memories. When they all come together, the creation becomes perfect.”

Erwin Wiesenthal

Erwin Wiesenthal signature
Erwin Wiesenthal
Settle the country for over 30 years
The Mateh Binyamin Development Company is an experienced private and industrial real estate developer that has been around for over 30 years and is responsible for building hundreds of homes.
The company places emphasis on the quality of construction and excellent service, reliability, and personal attention to every client. Our representative guides the client through all the stages of the project until the keys are in their hands.
The Mateh Binyamin Development Company excels in maintaining a broad and comprehensive perspective, and it has become a household name thanks to its understanding of a neighborhood’s needs, past and present, and of everything related to proper planning for accessibility, public parks, and advanced public infrastructure. The company is unsurpassed in quality construction and is a leader in its field—from planning to completion of the infrastructure and development in a professional and advanced manner.
The Mateh Binyamin Development Company
Don’t miss the opportunity
for a Villa of your own!
For the price of a 4-Bedrooms apartment in Modi’in
Starting- 2,750,000
We’d be happy to tell you more. Fill in the form
or call +972-73-706-9418

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